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On its social responsibility area, and having always been very present in the company the idea of innovation as a solution, eventqualia presents itself as a catalyst of ideas and as a promotor of events that might contribute to the general public and for society in general through their content.

To inform, to promote and to support are the key-words. We intend to inform the general population, to promote and discuss the work or researchers and technicians and, finally, to support non-profit organizations that work in different areas.




Considering the complexity of the aging phenomenon to families, communities and the country, the ISSSP, as a higher education institution specially dedicated to the training of social workers and social gerontologists, is proud to be associated with the 1st edition of the multidisciplinary conference on aging "Let's Talk About Aging, integrating a round table entitled:" Social and community protection of elderly people.

We start from the assumption that socially active and integrated aging presupposes not only the conquest of more years of life, but the achievement of a healthy and quality life, and the guarantee of access to social, economic and emotional resources that are embodied in the challenges inherent in this stage of the life cycle. In this sense, we acknowledge the importance of disseminating three examples of projects that are considered as good practices for intervention in aging: Porto de Abrigo, as an example of a residential institution certified by the Humanity philosophy, and the AVIDAVALE and PORTO.IMPORTA-SE projects. Both of these are important for fighting social isolation and loneliness of the elderly, the first in rural areas and the second and third ones in urban areas.

We will try to discuss and bring together the best of these projects and their modus operandi, with a view to the dissemination of professional practices and potentially replicable examples

Instituto Superior de Serviço Social do Porto (ISSSP) is a university-level private higher education institution. Created in 1956 in the Diocese of Porto, ISSSP is currently a higher education institution legally framed by the Cooperativa de Ensino Superior de Serviço Social, CRL (CESSS), created by a notarial deed of June 1986.

With a vast accumulation of reflection and knowledge in the area of "social problems", resulting from an experience of almost 60 years in the teaching of Social Work, it has been providing training for Social Workers since 1956, being one of the oldest Social Work teaching institutions in Portugal with a great pedagogical and scientific experience.

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